What are you doing to keep the attention of interested prospects and past customers?


The fourth R is Retarget


There is an old ‘Rule of 7’ in marketing that says that a consumer needs an average of seven impressions before a prospect remembers your business and is likely to take some sort of action.

But that rule was created decades ago when we saw an average of 500 ads each day. That number has increased over 10X now, so it’s safe to say that the ‘Rule of 7’ probably needs to get bumped up as well.

Regardless of what that specific number is, we know we need to stay in front of prospects!

Retargeting allows us to make sure that the prospects that have already demonstrated some degree of interest in doing business with you – they already visited your site – are going to continue to see your business over and over again by showing them ads over time.

Because these ads are directed at warm prospects, it’s the highest ROI advertising you’ll ever do.

Are you currently running retargeting ad campaigns on at least two of the major ad networks? (Check one)

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